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The Daily Check to Great Performance

Managers have the very important job of guiding their teams to meet – and try to exceed – a certain level of performance.  For an organization to fully realize the benefits of the process, system, and behavior improvements that are implemented as part of Trindent engagements, managers must actively lead their teams both through and… read more →

Solving Problems Quickly: There’s a Right Way

No one knows an executive who doesn’t have a packed schedule.  Executives are constantly under time pressure, and so it’s their ability to make good decisions quickly that makes them successful in their job.   Making quick decisions can be a double-edged sword however.  There are risks and pitfalls to solving problems this way, but… read more →

Scrum – an Agile Framework

Agile and scrum are familiar terms in most workplaces.  Together, they make project management and development faster, more streamlined, and more cost-effective. But what are “agile” and “scrum”?  And is your organization using them? Agile methodology is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks and practices based on specific values and principles.  It is… read more →

Active Management and the Challenge of Change

Management Is a Spectrum Active management lives in the healthy middle of a spectrum which has anemic absent management on one side and suffocating micromanagement on the other.    Absent managers fail to adequately interact with their staff, and provide little in the way of guidance, mentorship, or feedback so employees are left unsupported and… read more →

Process. System. Behaviour.

Outdated Process Series Every process in an organization should be designed to either add value or to be a necessary part of an activity that adds value; and any process that does neither of these should be changed or eliminated.  Previous articles in this series discussed the challenges of identifying outdated and inefficient processes, and… read more →

Why Implementation Matters

Strategy is a popular subject in business schools: it has a certain air of intelligence and sophistication about it.  But it’s a term that’s overused without being well understood.  If a poll were to be conducted, most business school students would probably not be able to give a proper definition of what “Strategy” is.  And… read more →

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