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Actionable ways to sustainably increase refinery margins by 2-3% without capital investment.

Refineries are extraordinarily complex businesses. Trindent specializes in several ultra-high value niches within refineries where tens of millions in performance improvement may be captured in the short-term.

Underpinned by data analytics, industry know-how and technical experience, Trindent has implemented improvement engagements in over 40 refineries globally. We have garnered accolades and supplier recognition awards by several industry majors for the innovative way that we engage and partner with our clientele.

Trindent has created a comprehensive refinery enhancement program that will deliver immediate refinery profit/loss and balance sheet impact. We employ innovative and collaborate approaches to:

  • Quality Giveaway Minimization;
  • Hydrocarbon Loss Control and Measurement Assurance;
  • Energy Intensity Enhancement;
  • Maintenance MRO Supply Chain Optimization;

Learn more about our previous work in Refinery Optimization and Gasoline Blending Optimization.

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• Review gasoline and distillate blending processes to identify gaps leading to quality giveaway
• Implement statistical approaches and system tools to reduce quality giveaway in blend recipes
• Design and roll out training programs for blend operators and lab technicians to share best practices in blend execution process
• Design and implement blend execution tools to assist blend operators in meeting blend targets
• Implement blend analyzer instrument excellence programs to reduce variability in blend control and certification results
• Install management operating systems at various levels (blend prediction, blend execution, weekly results) to drive continuous improvement

• Improve process and management system to prevent significant gain/loss percentages
• Revise measurement procedures to align with best practices and guidelines (API, ASTM)
• Establish / Redesign escalation and claims procedures
• Reconcile of out-of-tolerance measurements and settlement

• Identify key areas of energy waste and quantify improvement opportunities
• Develop a comprehensive energy savings program and roll out energy saving training for company personnel
• Create a comprehensive motor management plan to address motor energy performance
• Design / optimize preventative maintenance programs for energy critical equipment (motors, pumps, compressors, etc.)
• Implement a comprehensive management operating system to track energy efficiency and identify areas of continuous improvement

• Implement a maintenance planning process with demand aggregation, order lead times and Maintenance and Operations collaboration to identify correct material stocking levels (MRO Reorder Processes)
• Develop consistent, cost effective capacity and maintenance planning based on demonstrated capabilities of current assets (MRO Inventory Reduction)
• Develop inventory targets/safety stock levels for all classes of product maintained at desired service levels (MRO Inventory Optimization)
• Implement tool enhancements in forecasting, planning, scheduling, backlog management, follow-up, reporting and evaluation.
• Implement a process to assess prioritized work, work order site scoping, skill requirements, schedule attainment tracking, issue management (unplanned events), change control, status reporting, material shortage & availability to effectively complete the work
• Generate improved supplier contracts, relationships and service levels based on unit costs, lead time and impact on maintenance operations

Case Studies

Hydrocarbon Loss Control
A North American oil sands partnership engaged Trindent to design and implement a world-class hydrocarbon loss control program, focusing on one of their refineries in Ohio to improve in areas of meter measurements, tank gauging and Sediment and Water (S & W) Sampling and Testing. Trindent delivered 127% reduction in S&W test variance and over $30 million in annualized savings.

Gasoline Blending Optimization
One of the largest U.S. crude refiners, concerned about the amount of quality giveaway in their gasoline blending operations, engaged Trindent to optimize the blending processes in two of their refineries. Trindent delivered a 61% reduction in Octane giveaway and over $14 million in annualized savings.

Refinery Optimization
Building on strong past engagements, a large oil refinery in the northeastern United States specializing in production of jet fuel engaged Trindent to reduce high oil blending costs and increase rail rack utilization. Trindent delivered 49% improvement in rail cycle time and over $6 million in annualized savings.