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Actionable ways to sustainably increase refinery margins by 2-3% without capital investment.

Refineries are extraordinarily complex businesses.  Very few consultancies have demonstrated a track record of success in managing the molecule better. Trindent specializes in several ultra-high value niches within refineries where tens of millions in performance improvement may be captured in the short-term.

Underpinned by heavy-duty data analytics and unparalleled industry know-how and technical experience, Trindent has implemented improvement engagements in over 75 refineries globally.  We have garnered accolades and supplier recognition awards by several industry majors for the innovative way that we engage and partner with our clientele.

Trindent has created a comprehensive refinery enhancement program that will deliver immediate refinery profit/loss and balance sheet impact.  We employ innovative and collaborate approaches to:

    • Minimize octane and volatility giveaway;
    • Recover losses due to hydrocarbon loss control practices;
    • Improve energy management performance;
    • Optimize your total hydrocarbon working capital;
    • Get better value from your maintenance supply chain.



Are your counterparties eating your lunch? Many refineries that we work with are leaving millions of dollars on the table when they over-ship their sales specifications for octane and volatility due to perceived constraints, inability to predict ethanol uplift, and communication challenges in component testing, blend adjustment, maintenance and calibration practices, certification and other processes relevant to blending. Trindent can help you to cut your blending giveaway whether it relates to gasolines, distillates or bunker fuels.


Are you truly getting what you paid for? Most refineries average a 0.72% volumetric loss prior to working with us. Trindent has a track record of reducing these losses by up to 60% in a short period of time. We tackle meter accuracy issues at the point of custody transfer, sediment and water verification and escalation procedures, tank inventory accuracy challenges, yield accounting processes, mass balance inaccuracies, railcar, pipeline and waterborne movement inaccuracies all with the intent of achieving perfect compliance with API’s MPMS.


Is energy efficiency a concern? We work with refineries that are looking to save money on fuel gas, steam and hydroelectric consumption. Trindent will use rigorous data analytics from your data historian system to identify and rapidly address items such as leaks, insulation coverage, steam trap performance, energy generation, recovery, motors, lights boilers and other sources of energy wastage. An added benefit is that you will boost your quartile performance in various benchmarking studies.


Need cash? Our working capital enhancement program delivers tens of millions in free-flowing cash from working capital reduction. Typically, most organizations carry considerably more working capital in the form of crudes and finished products than they need. We work to improve working capital visibility, install working capital targeting, working capital ownership while adjusting commercial payment terms and using innovative techniques such as flash title and crude intermediation to release cash. By harmonizing the entire hydrocarbon value chain, our clients have been successful in buying back stock, paying down debt, making acquisitions or reinvesting in their downstream operations.


Do you get tools, consumables, materials and supplies to the job-face at a reasonable cost? Trindent’s procurement experts will use powerful data analytics and a proprietary supplier cost quote comparison approach to determine the hard-dollar cost recovery that you can achieve. Whether you’re assessing internal, external or turnaround maintenance spend, Trindent can help evolve your supply chain practices. A high-performing supply chain is a precision weapon for better overall maintenance and reliability outcomes.

Our consultants roll up their sleeves to get the job done. We work at the point of execution with your staff to transfer knowledge and reinvigorate refinery processes, measurement tools and human practices to ensure sustainable business value is delivered.

Contact us today to learn how we can Make It Happen™ in your business.