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The energy industry is in transition towards something better and brighter. Most companies aren’t looking to make more product, they’re looking to maximize margins, and navigate more complex regulatory environments, more stringent environmental compliance and overcome skilled labor shortages. Every fraction of a cent is critical for ensuring a successful transition. This is where we can help. With deep industry knowledge, we understand your specific challenges, implement and deliver sustainable results. Most importantly, we Make It Happen™.

Whether you are in midstreamdownstream or airlines, Trindent will help you widen your margins by minimizing quality giveaway, improving measurement practices and managing costs to achieve sustainable improvements. Learn how we can enhance your margins without any capital expenditures or IT investments in the following key focus areas:

Case Studies


One of Canada’s largest integrated refining and upgrading complexes, producing 130,000 barrels/day of gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products, engaged Trindent to mitigate gasoline quality giveaway and improve their hydrocarbon loss control program. Trindent delivered a 60% reduction in reid vapor pressure giveaway and over $11,300,000 in annualized savings.



One of the largest refineries in the US engaged Trindent to improve their hydrocarbon loss control performance with a focus on custody transfer and inventory measurement assurance programs. The engagement delivered a 73% reduction in weekly metered loss and over $8,600 000 in annualized savings.