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Are you experiencing unnecessary losses which are cutting into your margins?

Midstream companies face the complexities of transportation and supply chain management. One major challenge is the accounting losses resulting from measurement uncertainties which are often times difficult to identify, isolate and explain.

Here is where Trindent can help. We can quickly identify these losses and implement mitigation processes, systems and behaviors to optimize profitability. Our consultants will assess your facility and examine all measurement points. We look for gap inaccuracies like bulk transactions in rail and truck transportation. For marine vessel activity, we take a keen interest in the inspection process. Volume is but one component. We also pay particular attention to the proper use of PETs and composite sampling.

Contact us today to learn how we can Make It Happen in your business.


We have partnered with some of the world’s leading energy companies, providing them with the right solutions when facing complex challenges throughout the oil and gas value chain, including:

• Hydrocarbon Loss Control and Measurement Assurance
• Maintenance Productivity and Reliability-Centered Maintenance
• Procurement Excellence

Our Hydrocarbon Loss Control Improvement approach is unique in this industry and has created considerable value for refineries and pipeline companies:

• Process and management system improvements to prevent significant gain/loss percentages
• Revise measurement procedures to align with best practices and standards (API, ASTM)
• Redesign of escalation and claims procedures
• Out-of-tolerance measurements reconciliation and settlement

In the maintenance services area, our consultants have enabled our clients to realize significant savings in operating costs:

• Logistics and parts management for front-line groups
• Process and management systems for front-line, back-office, and support areas
• Reduction in non-value added activities
• Design, prototype, and implementation of cost-effective and sustainable method changes