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Overcoming the Challenges of Working Overseas

by David Kerry

An insurance provider in Asia struggling with back office productivity, a medical device manufacturer in Europe facing rising supply chain costs, and an airline in North America writing down excessive amounts of jet fuel – what do they all have in common? They are part of a growing portfolio of challenges where Trindent Makes it Happen™ for our clients. With an increasingly global footprint and a diverse team of consultants, we understand the challenges of managing international operations and develop tailored solutions to your most complex business problems.


While the global economy continues to grow, advancements in communication and increasing travel accessibility are making the world a smaller place. Operating internationally can help your business tap into new markets and leverage economies of scale, but it can also introduce new challenges. Using an approach that focuses on processes, systems, and behaviors, Trindent improves the financial performance of our clients’ businesses, both domestically and overseas, in the healthcare, financial services, and energy industries.


Our collaborative approach means working side-by-side with clients to develop sustainable solutions, and in my time with the company I’ve had the opportunity to roll up my sleeves with people around the world. This has not only been personally rewarding, but a great learning experience as well. Along the way I’ve picked up a few tips that may help you on your next business trip overseas:


  1. Before you leave: review travel advisories and visa requirements, plan your transportation upon arrival, and find out if you’ll need to exchange currency before you leave.
  2. Once you arrive: observe local customs and social norms. “Do as the Romans do” and when in doubt – don’t be afraid to ask. Whether this is observing the call to prayer or accepting a business card with both hands, it will go a long way to helping you to fit in and build relationships.
  3. At all times: don’t forget take care of yourself. A healthy diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise have been shown to increase cognitive function, improve mood, and lower stress – although these can often be neglected when travelling. Make them a priority by scheduling them into your day to ensure you’re performing at your best.


International work is a great opportunity to expand your business, step outside your comfort zone, and learn from different perspectives. To that end, the final tip for making the most of your time overseas is to enjoy it!