Looking for a Consulting Career?

The Trindent career path differs from most other consultancies, in that we don't have pre-conceived time fences laid-out for advancement. Trindent is a boutique-style consultancy where your efforts are noticed and rewarded immediately.

Our culture is not as formal as some consultancies and is populated with some of the brightest minds in the consulting career profession. Here you will learn new skills and view client challenges through a new lens. Where else but in a small boutique-style consultancy can you put your stamp on an organization's culture?

Because we recruit only those with an abundance of functional expertise and problem solving skills, we can train and develop 'second order' analytic skills that go beyond the basics of tactical and technical consulting.

After one year with Trindent, you will have access to a personal training budget, to further your consulting career progression.

Performance reviews are conducted at the conclusion of every engagement at Trindent, and our remuneration packages are competitive with most top-tier, global consulting firms.

Specialist or Generalist?

Trindent is a work environment for consulting specialists. We develop your expertise along industry-specific and function-specific lines. It's why we're able to offer our clients such an attractive return on investment.  Because of our depth of experience, we can get to the root of the problem without lost time.

That being said, we do not offer 'canned' solutions that draw upon experiential or anecdotal evidence.  You will also be equipped with the analytical tools to develop a robust fact base in almost any engagement scenario.

Trindent is looking for individuals with clear 'knowledge spikes.'  We are also a company willing to invest in people who wish to become experts.

Trindent has three available locations in North America for consulting jobs in Toronto, Montreal and Atlanta.

Career Progression

Career progression at Trindent has five stages: