Trindent Consulting helps companies in the Energy, Healthcare and Financial Services industries achieve top performance.

We are a profit improvement firm, first and foremost and we’ve helped over 100 clients worldwide achieve significant financial benefits that yield between 500-1500% ROI within the first year  – and we’ve done that without capital investments or software changes of any kind.

With a leading team of technical augmentation experts, our clients can confidently rely on us to deliver sustainable results, build lasting relationships and earn the reputation of a valued partner and trusted advisor. Industry leaders trust our judgement, respect our honesty and value our expertise.

At Trindent, we Make it Happen™ for our clients.

About us

Our Values

Each and everyone of our consultants embodies our values so that we can ensure that every action we take is in alignment with our…

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Our Approach

We achieve results in excess of 500% ROI within the first year without capital expenditure or complex IT investments…

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Our values drive our approach to client success.

Each and everyone of our consultants embodies our values so that we can ensure that every action we take is in alignment with our commitment to client success.

Whether it’s fostering strong relationships, approaching challenges with passion and innovation, or executing with excellence and urgency, our core values are present in every aspect of our work. They provide a clear framework for how we operate and enable us to consistently deliver value and drive success for our clients.

Character before Skill

Our team members are not just skilled professionals; they are individuals of exemplary character who embody our shared values, integrity, honesty and ethical behavior in every interaction and decision they make.

Passion for Solving
Complex Problems

We thrive on solving complex problems, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. This passion fuels our drive to excel and distinguishes us in a competitive landscape.

Perfection with Urgency

We take pride in the perfection and speed of our work, believing in the “client readiness” of our deliverables. We ensure efficient and effective execution the first time around, maintaining our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


We achieve results in excess of 500% ROI within the first year without capital expenditure or complex IT investments.

How We Execute:

  1.  We work with all levels of management to transform management culture in order to drive accountability at the point of execution.
  2.  We audit and support the engagement for 6 months following completion to ensure that success is sustained.
  3.  Our clients measure the engagement to deliver quantifiable financial results.
  4. Our Consultants are expert coaches; they are empathetic, modest, and can precipitate change from within.
  5. We train leadership through customized workplace application coaching, ensuring the results we achieve together are significant and sustainable.

How We Evaluate the Benefits

We evaluate the benefits of our services by achieving measurable results and ensuring our commitments to our clients. Every week, we present and deliver management updates to review financial performances and track operational effectiveness, maintaining complete transparency throughout the process. This allows clients to actively measure Trindent’s performance and ensures our focus of delivering excellence.

I found your firm’s approach to optimizing our operations to be refreshing, and extremely powerful in how it generates bottom-line results. The operations team now has new tools and reports to view productivity, cost, speed, service and quality in real-time, and the speed at which these tools were developed and rolled out was impressive.


The Trindent Approach

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our consultations are not sales calls. Instead, one of our senior executives will join you for a conversation about your business and the types of complex business issues you are facing.

Step 2: Opportunity Assessment

With little interruption to your business, our team will immerse themselves to observe processes, behaviors, and management systems. As a result, we will develop a clear action plan with clear financial improvement targets and a final fee to engage us.

Step 3: Engagement

Based on our assessment, we address your organization’s business improvement objectives. This stage typically takes 15-30 weeks, not years. We work with your staff to ensure the processes, tools and behavioral enhancements become firmly rooted in your organization.

Step 4: Sustainability Program

At no additional cost to your business, we conduct a one-week audit 6-months following the completion of every engagement, to ensure the financial objectives of the engagement were achieved, and that all changes remain in place.