A Year in the Life


What its like to be a Trindent Consultant

It is at the one-year mark of my career launch with Trindent that I write this article intended to share how the year has brought extensive learning, personal growth, and an abundance of opportunity.

Giving context to the magnitude of learning, growth, and opportunity experienced over the past year; I have spent a day in the life of 20+ different client roles across 2 industries, traveled to 30+ cities spanning 3 countries, and worked directly with more than 40+ of the Trindent staff.

Learning new skills

Elaborating on the first measurement – spending a day in the life of 20 client roles – this experience came in the form of  ‘process observations’ which is where consultant sits with one of the client’s employees for the entirety of their workday, building an understanding of the current process and looking for improvement opportunities. Aside from learning that some warehousing facilities are so large, they could encapsulate small Canadian towns, or that there are medical devices smaller than your baby finger that will cost more than your car (at least my car), these process observations help consultants learn how to identify what is adding value. This skill has proven exceptionally valuable, allowing one to highlight exactly where the pain points are, quantify them, and build the case for change.

The perks of consulting

The second tangible measure of my experience with Trindent – traveling to 30 cities within one year – has been both challenging and unbelievably rewarding. The commute of a consultant is very different from most jobs, where it often starts Sunday evening (or Monday morning), involves a few flights, and returns you back home the following Thursday evening. The exposure to different cultures, food, and people over the past 52 weeks has offered unparalleled personal growth. On a few occasions, I was fortunately permitted to share the benefits of work-related travel with my significant other and bring her to destinations such as New York City and California (where I was working at the time), a perk that Trindent encourages to help offset the challenges extensive travel may pose to one’s personal life.

Being a part of the Trindent team

The final metric that describes my time at Trindent – direct work with 40+ consultants – once again offered both challenges and benefits. It quickly became apparent that consulting is a fast-paced industry where people are constantly changing roles, project assignments, and moving on to other careers. These personnel changes are often a tough adjustment, a reality bound to surface on any team, and one that can be addressed by openness with colleagues, a growth mindset in how you add value, and a willingness to pay it forward when training those who join after you. Despite this challenge of change, the experience has offered an invaluable silver lining; the privilege of working with 40+ people who are unanimously knowledgeable, personable, and engaging.

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