At Trindent Consulting, each year of growth has been a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our global team of consultants comprises the most trusted subject matter experts in the industry.

These recognition's are a reflection of our relentless pursuit of excellence and our unwavering dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Marathon Petroleum: Supplier Recognition Award

In 2019, Trindent was recognized with a Marathon Petroleum Supplier Recognition Award in the category of Innovative Partnership.

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies: Profit 500

Seven years symbolizes a remarkable journey characterized by growth, excellence, and trust. Achieving Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies recognition is a testament to our dedication to exceptional performance and innovation across all sectors.

Consulting: Fastest Growing Firms

Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms is a global list of the fastest-growing firms in the consulting industry – honoring consulting firms of all sizes and of any sector. Firms are ranked by their rate of revenue growth over the past three years.

Financial Times: Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies

The Financial Times: Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies is awarded to the top 500 companies in The Americas with the strongest revenue growth.

The Globe and Mail: Canada’s Top Growing Companies
2019 & 2021

Launched by The Globe and Mail in 2019, The Globe and Mail: Canada’s Top Growing Companies award, ranks private and public Canadian businesses by three-year revenue growth.