Working At Trindent

Trindent offers something different, not only for its clients but also for its employees.

Canadian Business Magazine and GROWTH 500 has ranked Trindent Consulting on the annual for six years in a row. This demonstrates our ability to achieve results and our team’s dedication and hard work. Working at Trindent is a rewarding experience. Take a look at what makes our team exceptional.

We are specialists

We work exclusively in the Energy, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries. By developing our consultants’ expertise along industry-specific and function-specific lines, they become industry experts and leaders. Clients request our services because of the skills and expertise we bring to the table, and it is this knowledge and expertise that has allowed us to deliver an average of 500% ROI to our clients.

The fact that we are specialists allows us to get to the root of the problem without lost time.

We implement our solutions

At Trindent, we implement the solutions we develop. The consulting industry has long been criticized for selling its clients expensive advice that is not practicable or that the client is not able to implement alone. Our approach is different.

Trindent’s methodology focuses on processes, systems, behavior and sustainability. Not only do we identify the root cause of a problem quickly and effectively, but we design, test and fully implement our solutions. We ensure that the client’s team is fully capable of sustaining our solutions once we are ready to close out a project. We instill a continuous process improvement mindset amongst the client’s employees to ensure they can raise concerns and make improvements in other areas of their business.

We hold ourselves accountable

We undertake a contractual obligation to each and every client to deliver a 1:1 ROI within a year of a project’s commencement, or we return the difference. An essential part of our value proposition is the fact that we deliver measureable financial results, not qualitative improvements or promises of long-term returns. To date our clients have received a 500% ROI on average with our Energy clients receiving a 1500% ROI on average.

We reward performance

Progression at Trindent is about performance, not tenure. We offer a platform for rapid advancement for those who are exceptional problem-solvers and demonstrate characteristics and skills consistent with our cultural values and norms. We are growing at an accelerated rate and we expect our consultants to grow along with us.

Working at Trindent has 5 stages:


  • Principals are responsible for advancing their practice area
  • They contribute to firm-wide knowledge development
  • The are responsible for business development & relationships

Associate Principal

  • Associate Principals oversee multiple projects at one time
  • They are responsible for the day-to-day execution of projects
  • They are responsible for growing the skill set of subordinates

Engagement Manager

  • Engagement Managers are staffed on one project at a time
  • They define project workflow & lead on-site client interaction
  • They are a direct mentor for consultants & senior consultants

Senior Consultant

  • Senior Consultants are experts in their assigned workflow
  • They spend large amounts of time coaching and interviewing
  • They perform rigorous analysis on client processes, tools


  • Consultants perform complex data analyses and modelling
  • They contribute to a stream of work, or key business problem
  • They are mentored and developed by Senior Consultants

We tailor unique solutions for unique clients

Trindent is called on to tackle the toughest problems that have been swept under the rug year after year. As such, each assignment is a stretch assignment that requires determination and a can-do attitude to be overcome.

Each client and each problem is unique and we approach them with our expertise, knowledge, and a fresh set of eyes to bring tailor-made solutions to the challenge at hand. Having a talented team on board that can deliver on the toughest client problems has driven our success. Delivering on those tough problems will drive your success.