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Why I chose Trindent

Now is the time of the year when the recruitment process is picking up steam. Major consulting firms are screening hundreds of talented candidates to select the most qualified few to aid in their organizational growth. At the same time, prospective hirees are conducting extensive research on companies of their interest to ensure there is a cultural fit. This is understandable as some may argue that choosing the right employer is one of the most important decisions that we come across. After all, applicants want to end up in an environment where they can make the most of their extensive experience and/or business school degrees.

I have been receiving dozens of inquiries on LinkedIn from candidates interested to learn more about culture at Trindent over the past few weeks. Although I try to meet up with everyone or at least have a phone call to share my experiences, my current travel schedule makes it a little challenging due to the 12-hour time difference with the Eastern Time Zone. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share my top reasons for working at Trindent.

  • People – All of us heard the saying “You’re only as good as the people around you”. I can honestly say that people working at Trindent are some of the most talented individuals I have come across. Whether it is sharing their knowledge from years of experience in process improvement, travel experiences, or a recent cross-fit workout I can always learn something new from my colleagues to foster my personal development.
  • Learning and development opportunities – Trindent provides ample learning opportunities such as a structured onboarding program, mandatory month-end training day and advanced learning content development for its consultants’ growth. However, most development opportunities come from on-site project work where consultants interact with front-line and mid-level managers from day one.
  • Growth prospects – Trindent has a very ambitious and entrepreneurial culture which helped the firm make the PROFIT 500 Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies list for the 3rd year in the row. Such rapid growth also leads to faster career progression than at a big 5 consulting firm.
  • Interesting and challenging work – Work at Trindent is complex and challenging with no two projects being the same. This makes the job interesting since there is always a new challenge ahead.
  • Remuneration and incentives – Compensation at Trindent is above industry average due to the firm’s smaller size which allows to distribute revenues in greater proportion between the employees. Also, consultants are eligible for assessment bonuses based on individual performance.
  • Opportunity to drive change – Management at Trindent practice what they preach. Every month consultants participate in an employee engagement exercise to identify some of the opportunities for improvement within the firm. These opportunities are communicated to the executive team and the recommendations are developed to improve internal policies and procedures.

Overall, I’d like to point out that cultural fit is of utmost importance when selecting a future employer. It always helps to understand the scope of work that an organization performs and learn its values from first hand interactions with current employees to make the career decision that would best suit you.

This blog was written by Val Iukin, Senior Consultant at Trindent Consulting. He has experience helping Financial Services and Healthcare companies achieve operational efficiency, improve service levels and significantly reduce their costs.