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Why Hire A Consultant

Organizations across all industries and in all types of business circumstances engage consultants when they need help in problem-solving. Anyone can face business challenges, and consultants are frequently brought in to deal with things like processes that perform poorly, systems that fail to provide critical information, management bench strength that needs support, or in-house experience that needs to be augmented.

Often, consultants are only brought in after business challenges have reached a critical point and there is a real risk to the operation.  However, hiring a consulting firm much earlier in the process, before problems reach a precarious stage, can have immeasurable benefits.

How Consultants Can Assist

The value of consulting services goes well beyond being the last resort to trouble-shoot something that’s become unworkable.  When consultants are brought in as part of regular business practice, they can assist clients to avoid costly business disruptions altogether. 

Engaging consultants into the business means that an organization has someone who can:

  • Provide expertise – to bring subject matter knowledge and skills in specific industry best practices, methodologies, and approaches, especially to companies who are short on resources that are available, or are able, to solve a particular problem.
  • Augment staff – to add required capacity and skillset on a temporary basis.  Clients may need to quickly ramp up resources for a critical project or deliverable, without sufficient time to recruit and effectively train staff.
  • Provide independent and impartial points of view – to help management review and make important decisions before they are implemented.  Management can often use a sounding board to get feedback on a particular matter, or a fresh perspective to help them chart a better approach.
  • Educate staff – to transfer knowledge and competence.  Clients can turn to consultants to acquire special technical knowledge and methodologies, such as ones that can be used to identify and implement solutions, or effectively manage projects, people, and change.

Making the Right Choice

Weighing costs against benefits should be an important factor in the decision to hire consultants.  For example, if several areas of the business require improvements, which area would see the greatest return on a consulting engagement.  Or, how much would it cost to bring in a consultant at an early stage, before a problem takes root, versus how much productivity would be lost by waiting.   Companies should also choose which consulting firm to hire based on their ability to understand specific industry needs, in order to ensure that benefits will be sustainable.  At Trindent Consulting, we focus on what we do best – solving the unique problems facing the Energy, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries, and helping companies achieve top performance.  Our unique approach yields between 500 – 1500% ROI within the first year, making it a simple decision when weighing costs against benefits.