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Working Losses And Controls That Boosts Your Bottom Line

For a long time, the realities of the Oil & Gas industry could be summed up in one word – unpredictability.  Recent events in the oil market have once again proven how volatile the industry is.  

In this environment, every stream of financial benefit into the bottom line gives oil & gas companies an upper hand.  Trindent Consulting specializes in identifying a great number of these streams and channeling them into a one multi-million-dollar flow, one that is carefully metered, proven and accounted for.   

Just Meter It

Anyone involved in the oil & gas industry understands the significant role that custody transfer meters play in hydrocarbon loss.   However, drilling down to get to the root of how these losses are caused requires the professional experience and insight of a hydrocarbon loss control consultant.

In searching for the causes of hydrocarbon loss, every small detail becomes significant.  Are API standards being strictly followed while meter proving?  Are standards and processes in place to ensure that every out of tolerance instance is captured, identified, and solved for?  Are there tools are in place to identify and address non-standard procedures?  Are meter factors being tracked and used? 

These and countless other elements of hydrocarbon transfer make the difference between a good performance and an industry best practice one.  And that variance between the two can often be measured in millions of dollars.

The Right Approach Makes all the Difference

The path to maintaining high standards of hydrocarbon measurement is through a systematic and disciplined approach.   Hydrocarbon measurement is a complex set of system tools and specific behaviors which, if properly deployed and utilized, will allow the process to attain superior performance.  The right combination of processes, system elements and behaviors creates the right formula to arrive at accurate metering and curbing losses.

However, setting up and maintaining that perfect formula requires significant resources and the correct insight, as well as a structured approach to implementation.  With the sheer volume of variables involved, making this attainable requires the help of specialists.  Trindent Consulting has worked with some of the largest organizations in the industry to always deliver on its ROI promise. 

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