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Sustainability Planning for the Long Term

Much like fad diets and health trends that come and go, corporate initiatives and improvement projects constantly make their way through businesses and managers looking for immediate improvements in results and KPI’s. Too often upon conclusion of a project, there can be short sightedness without consideration for long term sustainability and implications. Is there a framework in place to keep these improvements? Who is responsible and accountable for results after the fact? How will we know if performance regresses?

While contestants on the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, consistently lose upwards of 100 pounds over the course of a season with the guidance of professional trainers, tailored diets, and regular progress tracking, the majority of contestants end up gaining back much of the weight lost upon conclusion of the show. As much as fitness is about practicing a regularly active, healthy, and disciplined lifestyle, true sustainability and results in business come from changes in culture and attitude that must be carried onward long after a project has been completed. Having the cognisance for a long term sustainability plan and ongoing attention can help ensure that tangible project benefits continue long after completion.

By: Jason Mei