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Should Your Customer Experience Feel Like The Dentist Chair?

If you work for an insurance company we will make the assumption that you do not own an insurance policy.  If not, we suggest you try buying one and then return to this article.

If you are anything like us, dealing with an insurance company; whether it’s for your car, house or even your health, is one of those things that can be just as painful as going to the dentist.  Many forms are required, an e-mail signature is not valid, you need to fight traffic and take time over your lunch hour to face a long line of other customers only to realize that the insurance company has a new procedure requesting a form you did not bring with you.  Basically, it’s worse than sitting in the dentist’s chair.

At Trindent, we dedicate ourselves to create a quick and streamlined customer experience by re-engineering all the processes that a customer would face on things like receiving payment for a claim, buying a new policy or making some changes to an existing policy.  Although our work will provide significant cost savings, we pride ourselves in helping customers view our industry and what it is we do more positively, through a quick and friendly experience.

Who would want to sit in the dentist’s chair for a whole day anyway? We don’t.

By: Stephan Rajotte