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Potential Growth through Stronger Sales Teams

POP QUIZ.   How much time does your sales force spend actively selling?

  1.  5%
  2. 17%
  3. 19%
  4. 29%

It may be surprising, but many sales teams only spend 5% of their time actively selling to their company’s current and prospective clients.  The room for both productivity improvement and performance improvement is huge and can be reconciled against specific lines in your income statement.

We have found that substantial amounts of a sales teams’ time is spent on administration, relationship building, and necessary travel – these areas are represented by the other percentages listed above.  That leaves the final 30% of their time for different opportunities.  Is your sales team achieving optimal quantity, qualification, and quality of sales visits to customers?   Or, are they bogged down with systems, tools, and processes that could use some fine tuning?

Imagine if you could increase the number of calls that each individual representative is making by only 2 per week.  How could that affect your bottom line figures?  Here at Trindent Consulting, we are experts in the field of sales force productivity.  If your teams are not positioned to achieve your corporate goals, or if they are simply falling short on execution, give us a call.  We can change the numbers.

By: Sally Ryberg