Who We Are

Trindent Consulting helps companies in the Energy, Healthcare and Financial Services industries achieve top performance.

Our firm is dynamic and so are our clients. We deliver consistently exceptional results for them. Trindent’s unique approach yields between 500 – 1500% ROI within the first year. Most of all, Trindent is highly specialized in specific business problems and isn’t all things to all clients.

With deep industry knowledge, we understand your specific challenges, implement and deliver sustainable results. Most importantly, we Make It Happen™.  We are the last consultants you’ll ever need because our results are effective and predictable. Our consultants work directly with executives and their teams to get to the root of the problem to design and implement custom solutions for their business.

We measure our success by our client’s results. But don’t take our word for it—here is what a few of our clients had to say about how we made it happen.

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How we Make It Happen™.

I found your firm's approach to optimizing our operations to be refreshing, and extremely powerful in how it generates bottom-line results. The operations team now has new tools and reports to view productivity, cost, speed, service and quality in real-time, and the speed at which these tools were developed and rolled our was impressive.

- A Fortune 500 Life Insurance Company

The first project reduced the volumetric losses on our pipeline, reduced octane and volatility giveaway in our gasoline blending program, and minimized our product downgrades with our pipeline batches. Not only was the initial project a success, our people have both sustained and improved the tools that Trindent helped us develop, which continues to improve over $18,500,000 in lost revenue.

- A multinational refinery

From the start, the Trindent team integrated with our staff at all levels. In a very short time, the team uncovered over 50 process improvement opportunities and worked collaboratively with groups in customer service, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution to execute their implementation.

- A leading North American medical devices company

Through these methods and work processes, we can effectively transform behaviors, ensure almost immediate acceptance, sustain the improved performance, and provide a platform from which the team can grow and even improve upon the initial results obtained.

- A multinational refinery

Trindent delivered on the stated cost savings targets as promised, and we are on track to realize $5.3 million dollars in benefits. What was most impressive about the engagement was that it generated productivity gains of 30% or greater in our policy administration, new business underwriting and customer and agent call centers – without any IT investments.

- A global leader in Insurance

What I really like is the sustainability of the project. Through the process changes and custom built tools you provided we continue to improve across all areas even after your team had left the building.

- One of the world’s largest medical technology corporations