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Trindent is committed to transparency. We invite you to get to know our organization and our processes. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Who is your team?

More and more, clients are asking consulting firms to put “skin in the game” and guarantee outcomes. In order to do that, we embrace accountability so our clients have peace of mind that we will deliver on the promised results. Here is how we guarantee outcomes: our culture is supportive and collaborative, without being intrusive; our consultants are excellent hands-on problem solvers and relationship-builders, and our three core values provide determined and hardworking individuals who are committed to your success.

Our core values are:

We Believe in Perfection with Urgency.
A consultant’s work is time-sensitive and at Trindent, we believe that any deliverable should be “client ready” at all times. Attention to detail is critical and things need to be done efficiently and effectively the first time around. Our consultants deliver quality and timely results.

We Believe in Character Before Skill.
First and foremost, we value our team members’ characters, attitudes, and integrity. It is this can-do approach and positive outlook that allow our teams to thrive and overcome the most daunting of challenges.

Skills do not build relationships, but the right mindset does. The relationships we build with our colleagues and our clients drive our overall success.

We Demonstrate a Passion for Solving Complex Problems.
Trindent tackles the most complex business issues with exceptional attention to detail. While our clients know that problems exist, they typically aren’t aware of the level of detriment these issues are causing them—and their shareholders.

How will results be quantified?

We offer an average return on investment 5x greater than the investment you make in our services and guarantee a break-even in your investment. Our fees are fixed and ROI-based, which ensures that you receive the best value to the best possible outcome. We measure our success by our client’s results.

Trindent takes the following steps to ensure that our engagements are sustainable:

• With your consent, we work with a Sustainability Partner to work as part of the Engagement Team. The Sustainability Partner helps accelerate the Engagement Team’s progress by liaising and focusing the team on the most crucial business problems in your organization.

• Our Consultants are compensated based on the actual sustained financial improvement that you experience once the project is completed. This guarantees that everyone is aligned with the objectives of delivering sustained, tangible results.

• Our tools, process changes, and behavioral modifications are documented at the end of the engagement, and your front-line management team is trained and transitioned fully on each aspect of the engagement.

• We don’t leave until the engagement is completed. This means for reasons within Trindent’s control, we did not deliver on our financial promise to you, we will remain on site at our own expense to deliver the agreed changes.

• Several workshop-based training sessions are conducted with each member of your management team during the engagement. We will devise a set of modular classroom sessions to address the performance gaps in your supervisory teams.

• Our Consultants are expert coaches. They work exclusively with managers and supervisors to engineer change. They are empathetic, modest, and are able to precipitate change from within, rather than imposing it.

How do we evaluate the benefits?

To ensure we can deliver on optimal results, we work with your team to develop a baseline of past performance. Through identifying key metrics, we analyze the components of cost, speed, quality, and customer service.

Measuring KPI’s across the customer value chain is imperative to our success.
Once the baseline has been agreed to, we develop the target required of each KPI to achieve the engagement goals. We develop a weekly evaluation mechanism, assessing the current state to determine any positive or negative movement as compared to the baseline.

Our baseline and evaluation process is 100% transparent. This includes a sign-off process between the Trindent Principal lead and the client executive sponsors. The engagement’s success is based on a strong partnership and commitment between Trindent and our clients. This weekly evaluation enables the engagement team to identify risks and make adjustments to provide a platform for success.

How much time will this take my staff?

Trindent prides itself on providing sustainable solutions. This cannot be done without transferring methods, tools, and knowledge to our client’s staff.

We request that at least one existing member of your team be assigned 100% to the engagement, as this individual will have a very important role to play. Dubbed the Sustainability Partner, this person will be the key client team-lead in ensuring that changes are converted from a limited-term project to business as usual practices.

Executive sponsorship is required to be committed to the changes in the business. We therefore require executive sponsor support for one hour per week. We will update the engagement status, report benefit and risk results, and may ask for additional support to resolve roadblocks if they occur.

Supervisory staff will also play a crucial role, as they will be the main drivers of change on the ground. The supervisors will need to understand the changes in their area, and they will be trained on any system changes, as well as active management. The typical time required is approximately 2-4 hours per week.

How is this different from Lean?

Trindent has a unique set of methodologies.

Although our roots are based on the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, we go one step further. Whereas Lean and Six Sigma focus on specific process changes and many of the key measurements, the Trindent methodology recognizes the massive part people have to play in driving processes to a successful outcome.

The Trindent approach incorporates Lean and Six Sigma methods into a comprehensive set of tools that focus on practical ways to improve processes, systems, and behaviors with an existing infrastructure. We will not be suggesting new IT systems or capital outlays.

What is your approach in Asia?

The Trindent approach is universal. The same techniques, tools, and approach are adopted globally.

However, we do recognize that cultural differences can impact the speed at which change can be enacted. We have deep experience across Asia and are therefore able to tailor projects to your cultural environment.

Our approach is heavily based on collaboration and therefore communication is key. Trindent makes a point of ensuring we have consultants that can support your business in your language and culture.

We have the capability to implement in over 20 languages worldwide.