Trindent provides lasting profit improvement for companies worldwide. Get to know our unique consulting approach and how we Make It Happen™.

Contact us for an initial two-week assessment to help solve your complex business issues. Here is a description of our approach:

  1. Initial Consultation: Our consultations are not sales calls. Instead, one of our senior executives will join you for a conversation about your business and the types of complex business issues you are facing. We understand the specialized and unique problems facing the Energy, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries.
  2. Opportunity Assessment: With little interruption to your business, our team will immerse themselves to observe processes, behaviors, and management systems. As a result, we will develop a clear action plan with clear financial improvement targets and a final fee to engage us.
  3. Engagement: Based on our assessment, we address your organization’s business improvement objectives. This stage typically takes 15-30 weeks, not years. We work with your staff to ensure the processes, tools and behavioral enhancements become firmly rooted in your organization.
  4. Sustainability Program: At no additional cost to your business, we conduct a one-week audit every six months, for a two-year period, to ensure the financial objectives of the project were achieved, and that all changes remain in place.