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What You May Not Know About Your Multi-National Company

International companies are great in theory – the global reach of the brand name, the capacity to offer products within the same market with varying target demographics, and the economies of scale in procurement and distribution make it seem like there are only good things to say about international operations management. However, there exist realistic concerns that come with these great advantages. International companies often work with sites lacking cultural congruity and linguistic proficiency to fully bring to attention the risks and opportunities faced by the business locally. It is also frustrating to implement a global initiative across sites without a significant investment of time and effort due to the communication barrier. Of course, highly educated and experienced site leads of global locations are capable of communicating the state of the business and escalate unaddressed concerns at the global level – however, the discomfort of speaking in a foreign language combined with the hesitation of escalation often results in many issues swept under the carpet until the problem materializes on your bottom line.

Trindent Consulting is equipped not only with the industry knowledge and work experience but also with culturally immersed consultants. Through in-field assessment and customized implementations, we are able to truly connect with your local sites throughout the globe to find struggles that you may have never heard of.

This blog was written by Jennifer Kim, Consultant at Trindent Consulting. She minimizes unnecessary backlogs and increases productivity and delivery time at Global Financial Services and Healthcare companies.