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Results Only Work Environments

It’s Okay to Focus on Outcomes Executive Summary: Much fanfare has been made of Best Buy’s use of a Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE) in their corporate headquarters, but very little detail has been published on how they made the transition. Following three key steps can help you focus on actual results over the stale… read more →

Recruitment Best Practices

Investments in acquiring talent are critical to organizational success. Processes for Successful Recruitment In any organization, making the right staffing decisions will be critical to success.  Employees are vital to getting work completed but also represent a significant cost.  Similarly, the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring phases carry substantial costs which are necessary to attract, screen,… read more →

Tuning Up Accounts Receivable

The Pursuit of Best Possible Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Improving Accounts Receivable Effectiveness Given the current economic and credit conditions, now is the time to be sure your accounts receivables (A/R) are in tip top shape. A/R process improvements can often yield quick results with a relatively small amount of effort. Examples of common opportunities include… read more →

Skills and Competency Assessment

Working with our clients across many industries, one of their most common perceptions is that the source of their challenges lies in an under-skilled workforce. We hear comments like, “we don’t have the skills in the team right now,” or “we have one or two top performers that carry the team.” More striking than our… read more →

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