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Making Human Resources More Resourceful

With the constant stream of lay-offs and unemployment news, now is a perfect time to energize the performance of human resources departments. Whether preparing to downsize, looking to upgrade talent, or preparing for the next upturn in hiring needs, HR departments can work now to be a truly valuable resource to the organization it supports. … read more →

Management vs Leadership

Management Vs. Leadership – Working In Sync Distinction Although the terms Manager and Leader are often used interchangeably in business settings to describe someone who oversees a function, area, or organization, they have very distinct and separate skill sets that take on different meanings.  Some Managers fail when it comes to leading, while some Leaders… read more →

Linking Executive Performance & Pay

Compensation based on the short term, rear-view mirror is getting outdated. Executive Performance Overview Many organizations have tried and failed in their attempt to close the gap between Executive performance and compensation.  In most organizations, Executives’ greatest concerns are top line growth and profitability as these are directly linked to overall compensation packages.  Although shareholders… read more →

Operational Risk Management for Banks

New frontiers have created new and important risks that can lead to severe losses. The Need for Risk Management The international banking system has experienced significant structural changes over the last thirty years.  Major banks have merged, many institutions have become global and alliances with insurance companies and other financial service partners are increasingly common…. read more →

Staffing Optimization

Determining and maintaining optimal staffing levels is critical to efficiency. Optimizing Staffing When it comes to human capital, many organizations struggle with the simple question – are we understaffed or overstaffed?  Determining and maintaining optimal staffing levels is critical to an organization’s efficiency.  Optimal staffing depends on several factors including industry, function, sales expectations, customer… read more →

Leadership and Motivation

Leadership is the art of influencing behaviors towards a common goal. Leadership Overview There are many different thoughts and extraordinarily wide range of definitions when people describe the term ‘Leadership’, but at its grassroots, it is a management skill and ability to influence the behaviors of a group of people toward a common goal.  The… read more →

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