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Inventory: Safety Stock and Reorder Levels

Supply chain optimization can be achieved on many levels: strategic (1-5 years), tactical (6-12 months) and operational (several weeks to 6 months). One of the operational areas that always provides an opportunity to improve the bottom line of any supply chain is, inventory  

Four Pillars for Building an Effective Team

Jack Welch once commented “My job is not to go to Louisville to pick out loose handles or compressors for refrigerators. My job is people, resources, and ideas.” Human resource is a critical part in an organization and no company can move forward without managing its human capital effectively. It’s not enough for managers to… read more →

Managing Change

Many organizations fail to plan or include several critical components when implementing changes to their operations.  As a result, even the simplest of changes often encounter resistance, significant delays, and fail when being executed.  A Management Consultant’s ability to strategize and create buy-in from key stakeholders often determines the likelihood of successful change management.

Leveraging Feedback Loops in the Workplace

From the time we are small children, feedback loops are part of our everyday lives even if we are unaware of the fact. They hide behind a plethora of names; report cards, speeding tickets, health checks, standardized tests. No matter what aspect of our lives we find them, they all share the same general premise…. read more →

The Shifting Paradigm of Supply Chain Management

From day-to-day function to strategic competitive advantage 1. Introduction & the Early Days The term “supply chain management” was first introduced in 1982 by Keith Oliver, then a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. However, the concept of supply chain, as well as its major components, like procurement, logistics and warehousing, was known in management long before…. read more →

Business Negotiation Success

Negotiation is usually dreaded because of lack of understanding. Negotiation Overview Negotiation is a part of everyday life, but in today’s complex business environment, it is critical to organizational success.  Effective negotiation is a skill often mastered by a few and misunderstood by most employees in any organization.  However, whether or not they realize it,… read more →

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