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How To build an Effective Analyzer Program?

In the past decade, a lot of our Oil and Gas clients have invested heavily in online analyzers as an effective technology to monitor their operation’s health status on a real-time basis. However, through our Assessments and Engagements, we noticed that a lot of these analyzers were underutilized towards their full potential. On average, an… read more →

Don’t Forget Your Management Operating System

Outdated Process Series Previous articles in this series discussed the challenges of identifying outdated and inefficient processes and what tools are needed to successfully implement business process improvements.  This article will look at one other important component that must be taken into consideration when implementing change:  your Management Operating System. The Importance of Your Management… read more →

The Right Tool for The Right Activity – Thinking Beyond Spreadsheets

How many times have we found ourselves using a common tool to solve a multitude of tasks knowing that this tool may not be optimal for the particular task at hand?  In the consulting industry, we rely on tools that provide quick answers, and these tools are accessible to our clients as well. But sometimes,… read more →

Value Stream Mapping Your Way Out of Waste

No one likes waste, but the question is, what the best way to get rid of it?  The answer is Lean, whose fundamental objective is to create maximum value through the elimination of waste.  In essence, finding processes to get things done with less effort, less time, and fewer resources. Originally conceived in post-war Japan… read more →

The Path To Turnaround Time Improvement

We’ve all used John Ray’s adage, “Haste makes waste” to demonstrate that doing something too quickly causes mistakes and results in the waste of time, effort, and materials.   And we’ve all experienced situations where we were asked to “work faster” only to subsequently face quality problems.   Similarly, many organizations who strive to eliminate waste… read more →

The Daily Check to Great Performance

Managers have the very important job of guiding their teams to meet – and try to exceed – a certain level of performance.  For an organization to fully realize the benefits of the process, system, and behavior improvements that are implemented as part of Trindent engagements, managers must actively lead their teams both through and… read more →

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