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Linking Executive Performance & Pay

Compensation based on the short term, rear-view mirror is getting outdated. Executive Performance Overview Many organizations have tried and failed in their attempt to close the gap between Executive performance and compensation.  In most organizations, Executives’ greatest concerns are top line growth and profitability as these are directly linked to overall compensation packages.  Although shareholders… read more →

Operational Risk Management for Banks

New frontiers have created new and important risks that can lead to severe losses. The Need for Risk Management The international banking system has experienced significant structural changes over the last thirty years.  Major banks have merged, many institutions have become global and alliances with insurance companies and other financial service partners are increasingly common…. read more →

Staffing Optimization

Determining and maintaining optimal staffing levels is critical to efficiency. Optimizing Staffing When it comes to human capital, many organizations struggle with the simple question – are we understaffed or overstaffed?  Determining and maintaining optimal staffing levels is critical to an organization’s efficiency.  Optimal staffing depends on several factors including industry, function, sales expectations, customer… read more →

Leadership and Motivation

Leadership is the art of influencing behaviors towards a common goal. Leadership Overview There are many different thoughts and extraordinarily wide range of definitions when people describe the term ‘Leadership’, but at its grassroots, it is a management skill and ability to influence the behaviors of a group of people toward a common goal.  The… read more →

Developing Employees

Greater skill depth and breadth can generate real productivity gains Development Planning As companies look to change the size of their workforce, these fundamental questions should be asked:  What’s in my organizational tool box of knowledge? How do you know what skills are required to recruit?  Who will no longer be retained if a reduction… read more →

Managerial Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence Forms an Important Part of Overall Managerial Effectiveness. Soft Skills – Critical to Success Managerial soft skills, often referred to as ‘emotional intelligence quotient’ or ‘EQ’, are an important set of skills used to build rapport and establish relationships with key stakeholders and employees.  A Manager’s ability to observe employees body language and… read more →

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