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How Supply Chain Management is Your Key to Competitive Advantage

The importance of the decisions made in supply chain management has an impact on various important business processes of any company. Read our latest insights to learn how supply chain management is your key to competitive advantage.  

Why I chose Trindent

Now is the time of the year when the recruitment process is picking up steam. Major consulting firms are screening hundreds of talented candidates to select the most qualified few to aid in their organizational growth. At the same time, prospective hirees are conducting extensive research on companies of their interest to ensure there is… read more →

Client Advocacy – Balancing What Your Firm Can Do With What The Client Needs

Want to do right by your client, but need to stay in business?  All truly great service companies want to offer all they can to make the client successful; after all, their success is your success.  So how much can you give your clients and still stay in business?  I say you can give it… read more →

Inadequate Data Systems Equal Opportunity

Albert Einstein once said “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. I agree with the first claim. Not all data is relevant or necessary and it takes a certain skill to filter out the noise and be able to identify what is required to complete your analysis. The… read more →

Solving Mass Balance One Tank at a Time

Mass balance of a refinery is a necessary tool for controlling the efficiency of its loss control. Many of our clients focus on the volume measurement since it directly impacts the bottom line, rightfully so. However, they fail to take accurate density measurement especially for their inventory. Taking measured density values for inventory can improve… read more →

Short-Term Gains Result in Long-Term Losses for a Big Pharmaceutical

A few weeks ago, a high-profile and once extremely profitable pharmaceutical company had another setback as a US mutual fund filed a lawsuit against the struggling drug maker. In the past year this company has gone from being the largest company on the TSX (by market cap) to losing over 90% of its value as… read more →

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