Medical Devices

Are you experiencing unnecessary losses which are cutting into your margins?

Today’s global medical devices industry is changing fast. Healthcare providers need to improve patient outcomes while lowering costs. Group purchasing organizations with more sophisticated, demanding buyers are controlling an increasing number of buying decisions, resulting in even greater cost reduction pressures and limiting the number of approved devices for each procedure. Most medical device companies have to compete on price while reducing supply chain costs and improving upon manufacturing performances to remain competitive.

Trindent can help. We have experience across the entire supply chain to get you real, quantifiable results.

Our consultants can help you optimize the effectiveness of your sales teams – both field personnel and internal customer service – to better service your customers and respond to rapidly changing procurement practices.

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We have partnered with some of the world’s leading medical devices clients, providing them with the right solutions when facing complex challenges throughout the supply chain, including:

Sales & Operations Planning: We assess your entire supply chain starting with sales forecast accuracy and its ramifications on purchasing strategies, manufacturing, scheduling and planning. We also examine your under/over stock positions, lead time variance, backlog, expiry, product life-cycle management, forecast accuracy and system designs to improve your margins and deliver positive, more reliable cash flow metrics.

Inventory Management: We take a detailed look at your Inventory points - including raw material, WIP, and finished goods by SKU - to fully evaluate and establish the correct amount of inventory, at the right locations, for each step of the process.

Sales Force Effectiveness: We will evaluate where your personnel are actually spending their time and determine where opportunities lie to make them more effective. We assess existing skill depth to determine performance gaps to achieve optimal quantity, qualification and quality of sales visits to customers.