Are you under pressure to do more with less?

Financial challenges and healthcare reform continue to be complex problems for hospital executives. Improving patient safety and quality of care are also natural top priorities for hospitals, but executives are tackling these goals in a climate of complex payment reform, dwindling reimbursement and personnel shortages. A recent report from the American College of Healthcare Executives states that hospitals are continually being pressured to do more with less.

Our consultants understand that your primary focus is to maintain a high standard of patient care in the midst of these challenges. Trindent can help you by improving care coordination across multiple sites and specialties, ensuring you have timely access and visibility to medical records and treatment history. Consistent care and quality is improved, as well as utilization of resources, operating margins and billable hours. Let us help you optimize the effectiveness of your facilities so that you can focus on what really matters, your patients.

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We have partnered with hospital clients, providing them with the right solutions when facing complex challenges, including:

Clinician and Physician Productivity: We help you improve your cancellation and no-show rates to increase the productivity and billable hours of your clinicians and physicians. We also develop key performance metrics to help you understand your baseline and targeted performance.

Insurance and accounting workflow optimization: We shorten the wait time for insurance authorizations and help you reduce accounting write-offs due to untimely filing.

Outpatient optimization: We improve outpatient ambulatory services to overcome shrinking hospital operating budgets while improving patient flow.