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Are you having challenges monitoring the facility in a near real-time mode or maintaining operational indicators with financial objectives?

Chemical processing facilities are challenged with managing multiple manufacturing processes within a single facility.  Conflicting optimization strategies – operational, financial, and logistical – increase the challenge for effective metrics for the entire plant.

This is where we can help. We are uniquely equipped to improve your margins and achieve sustainable improvements  by:

  • reducing mass balance loss
  • minimizing waste, reducing risk
  • managing and control costs

Our consultants roll up their sleeves to get the job done. We suit up to ensure minimal safety risks to assess performance and methods; we review with your accountants to gain an understanding of your production calculations and unit of measure conversions, and visit your third-party logistics partners to ensure industry standard compliance.

Contact us today to learn how we can Make It Happen™ in your business.


We have partnered with global chemical companies, providing them with the right solutions when facing complex challenges throughout the chemical value chain, including:

• Hydrocarbon Loss Control
• Third-Party Custody Measurement Stewardship
• Maintenance Productivity and Reliability-Centered Maintenance
• Procurement Excellence

Our Hydrocarbon Loss Control Improvement approach is unique in all hydrocarbon industries and has created considerable value for chemical plants:

• Process and management system improvements to prevent significant gain/loss percentages
• Revise measurement procedures to align with best practices and standards (API, ASTM)
• Redesign of escalation and claims procedures
• Out-of-tolerance measurements reconciliation and settlement

In the maintenance services area, our consultants have enabled our clients to realize significant savings in operating costs:

• Logistics and parts management for front-line groups
• Process and management systems for front-line, back-office, and support areas
• Reduction in non-value added activities
• Design, prototype, and implementation of cost-effective and sustainable method changes