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The Heart of Customer Satisfaction Goes Beyond Technology

Increased competition and new technologies have heightened customers’ expectations for better and faster service delivered at the lowest possible price. As a result, contact centers are heavily investing in IT integration platforms including; avatars, self-service platforms, mobile websites, mobile apps, not to mention productivity technologies, auto call back, voice analytics, call analytics and more.  They are all supposed to increase customer service and lower costs.  Unfortunately, there are not many technology-based success stories out there.

Often technology installations take 1-2 years to be fully integrated and have a 5-10 year pay off, frustrating staff and customers along the way.  The negative impact of these projects on contact center staff is often underestimated, while their ability to delight customers is grossly overestimated.

The complexity of contact centers is growing by the day, and the focus is  quickly shifting between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype. It’s easy to get caught up in the sassiness of technology forgetting about our most important platform of all, OUR PEOPLE.

Process optimization streamlines processes, systems, and behaviors and is proven to improve customer service and reduce costs in a sustainable way.

Successful process optimization programs consistently provide 3 to 4 times the return of IT projects and a payback within 12 months (without investment in technology).  When your staff is empowered, they will delight your customers.

Although technology upgrades are necessary in today’s high-tech world, next time you are looking at a technology solution step back and ask yourself are we getting the most out of what we have today?  If the answer is no, you can bet you won’t get the most out of the new technology either.

Is it time to invest in your people? We say yes!

This blog was written by Brad Horan, Associate Principal at Trindent Consulting. A highly experienced business executive, Brad Horan has over 17 years of consulting experience working with large global organizations to identify and implement profit improvement strategies.