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Growth through Mentorship

There is an old Latin proverb that states, “By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn”. This proverb quite succinctly captures the value of teaching, but with the ever-expanding workweek, is it really worth taking the time to pass on knowledge one-to-one? Both from an organizational and personal development perspective, the answer is yes.

Tactically, a great way to continue to teach as a professional is through mentorship within your organization. The benefits of having access to a mentor are well established, and young professionals gravitate towards organizations with established mentorship programs; however, there are more personal reasons for becoming a mentor. One of the greatest benefits of mentoring is that by teaching your mentee, you will actually force yourself to better learn your craft. Another advantage to mentorship is that it provides a chance for you to learn to navigate your organization. As you help your mentee to grow within the organization, you will undoubtedly need to reach out to colleagues and will have the opportunity to make new connections and expand your own network. A third benefit that mentorship provides is an opportunity for reflection. By working with a mentee you are able to see your career and accomplishments through a new looking glass. Mentoring can give you a fresh perspective on all the incremental improvements you have made throughout your career. With all the benefits associated with mentoring, it’s hard to see why there aren’t more seasoned professionals looking for a new mentee!

By: Skye Lee