Industry players are struggling to find ways to improve their margins as a result of pressing challenges. Fluctuating interest rates, increased regulations, new technology and non-traditional competitors are causing a rapid shift in the industry making it critical to ensure operations are performing optimally. This is where we can help.

Our team of financial services experts are equipped with leading industry knowledge that delivers immediate operational and performance enhancements. We prepare your industry for future growth without additional financial commitments in staffing or capital requirements while ensuring sustainable results. At Trindent, we Make it Happen™ for our clients.

Financial Services


As the insurance industry moves forward, executives must seek ways to improve profitability while simultaneously balancing…

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Now more than ever, banks are striving for increased efficiency to keep up with the increased pressures of new technologies…

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Case Studies

Financial Services


Navigating insurance companies to capture growth opportunities and build sustainable value.

As the insurance industry moves forward, executives must seek ways to improve profitability while simultaneously balancing the demands of regulatory changes, market uncertainty and changing customer demographics.

Our team of leading finance consultants position you for success by developing and executing strategies to help you grow. Through streamlining back-office operations, enhancing employee’s performance and improving active management, we deliver immediate impact to some of the world’s leading insurance companies, providing them with the right solutions and unlocking their organizations full potential.

How we Make it Happen™
Streamlining your Operation to Enable Future Growth with Minimal Additional Resources.
  • Implement new, sustainable and best in class processes.
  • Drive optimal resource utilization across departments.
  • Develop and deliver active management training programs for middle management.
  • Implement resource-planning tools to estimate future staffing based on forecasted work volumes.
  • Train management on process improvement tools to easily plan for future business needs.

How we Make it Happen™
Reducing Policy Issue Turnaround Time
  • Install a “gatekeeper” process to review received applications for underwriting.
  • Reduce duplicate checking and unrequired quality control of applications in Case Management.
  • Identify and tackle the drivers of turnaround time for all departments (Indexing, Case Managers, Quality Control, Underwriting), by process.
  • Standardize best in class practices for all operation.
  • Reduce departmental hand-offs through cross-training, transparency and sustainable accountability.

How we Make it Happen™
Improving Accuracy of New Business Applications
  • Install Error Tracking to reduce errors rates through root cause analysis and better communication.
  • Install a quality checklist at receipt.
  • Decrease error rate by increasing quality of input and installing “fail-fast” gate keeping.
  • Filter all incoming applications for quality.
  • Standardize templates and forms used by agents, brokers, and customers.
  • Reduce duplicate checking and excessive quality control of applications in Case Management.
  • Identify and redesign problematic processes.

How we Make it Happen™
Improving Customer Center Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduce inbound unnecessary calls (transfers & external).
  • Reduce status calls from customers and agents.
  • Optimize resource planning across all phone queues delivering shorter resolution.
  • Drive Better Average Handle Time by identifying root cause and removing barriers (Transfer Time, Talk Time, Hold Time, After Call Work).
  • Develop Call Management and Call Development flow strategy based on call types.
  • Install training and feedback loops to improve call efficiency.
  • Cross-train call center agents to enable higher occupancy rate.

How we Make it Happen™
Reducing Claim Processing Time while Decreasing its Administrative Cost
  • Re-design documentation requirements to streamline the claims approval process.
  • Implement standardized codes to track claims by process stage, improve accountability and reduce errors.
  • Implement a claim routing process, reducing its costs and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Design a process to improve claims triage, inbound data collection and claims adjuster training.


Improving our clients bottom line by fully leveraging existing workforce and infrastructure.

Now more than ever, banks are striving for increased efficiency to keep up with the increased pressures of new technologies, customer expectations and customer centricity. Executives are working to identify new business niches, develop customized services, implement innovative strategies and capture new market opportunities.

Our finance consulting experts help banking clients meet a wide range of strategic, organizational, and operational demands. We position our clients for success by developing and executing strategies that enhance contact center efficiencies, improve call turn around time and increase active management. Our team empowers clients be delivering sustained success in an ever-changing industry.

How we Make it Happen™
Contact Center Forecasting and Resource Planning
  • Introduce productivity tools to increase visibility into individual performance.
  • Align staffing plans with forecasts to improve utilization and improve performance during peak call volumes.
  • Establish centralized forecasting and planning of resources to improve utilization.
  • Reduce call volumes through sales training and increased accountability for fielding information requests through the online sales portal rather than the call center.

How we Make it Happen™
Turnaround Time (TAT) Improvement
  • Install standardized checklists to decrease handling time and variability.
  • Redesign customer service roles and provide additional training to decrease escalations, reducing supervisor interventions.
  • Enhance scripting and checklist effectiveness and compliance to achieve first call resolution sooner, and more frequently.
  • Increasing visibility into daily activities by installing management dashboards and installing daily schedule reviews as part of Active Management.

How we Make it Happen™
Improving the Effectiveness of Managerial Staff
  • Install daily schedule reviews to improve business visibility and increase alignment between frontline staff and business goals.
  • Provide Active Management training to frontline managers through executives, teaching them how to effectively measure, monitor, and manage their areas
  • Introduce comprehensive Skills Matrices to drive training and development plans and improve staff effectiveness