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Encouraging Creativity to Improve Engagement Outcomes

As an operations consultancy that specializes in addressing complex business problems, we’re constantly helping our clients identify the best ways to improve their businesses. Be it through productivity gains, loss reduction, or supply chain optimization, we are in the relentless pursuit of the incremental changes that will ensure sustainable improvements to the bottom line; but how can we insure that these changes stick? One of the indicators of lasting success on an engagement is the level of creativity we see from the client team.

As an organization that measures our performance through the successes of our clients, one of the greatest benefits of encouraging creativity is that it enables employees to pull back and see the big picture. Oftentimes, businesses continue to follow the same processes out of habit because “it’s the way we’ve always done it.” However, by creating a forum for employees to look at the larger purpose of the work that they do and the structural support to improve the processes that they are essentially experts of, the organization will not only benefit from an improved process but also a more engaged workforce.

During the continuous improvement phase of a project, employee engagement is one of the greatest drivers of project sustainability. By giving staff the opportunity to flex their creative muscles in tackling issues that they deal with on a daily basis, they undoubtedly become more emotionally invested in their workplace. When nurtured, this can be advantageous for both the organization and the employees themselves!

By: Skye Lee