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Dissecting Trindent’s Values for New Applicants: Passion for Solving Complex Problems

Trindent Consulting Values

The hiring process should always be a two-way street, with both parties assessing each other to determine if there is a good mutual fit.  Today’s workforce is a lot more conscious of what their employers stand for and how they do business.  Accepting a job offer has become about much more than just making money or seeking a title; it’s about aligning your principles with the firm’s to achieve career satisfaction and fulfillment.   

For any applicant, evaluating a company’s values is an important part of choosing to work for them.  In order to ensure the longevity of tenure, your focus should be on more than just financial compensation.  It also needs to be on determining if there is a match of values and culture.  By analyzing a company’s set of values and comparing them against your personal ones, you can determine whether or not the partnership will be a successful one.

Understanding a company’s set of values is more than just reading the words.  You need to take the time to break down the value statements and analyze what they really mean.  At Trindent one of our three core values is “Passion for solving complex problems”, which can be broken down into two parts.

  1. Solving complex problems
  2. Passion

Solving Complex Problems

Trindent works with clients in three verticals –Energy, Healthcare, and Financial Services – to identify problems and implement sustainable solutions.  Our engagement teams are made up of consultants with diverse but strong backgrounds, and we leverage this wide-ranging expertise to bring multiple and inventive perspectives to solve complex problems. 

It would be simple if every client had, without deviation, a standard set of problems with no variables, all of which could easily be fixed by applying cookie-cutter template solutions.   However, because no two problems are ever the same, and every problem requires an innovative solution, our consultants have to tackle the complexity of each engagement with a scientific but agile approach.  


In the context of our values, “Passion” refers to the dedication and enthusiasm it takes to do the work we do at Trindent Consulting.  It speaks to the character trait we seek in all our candidates.  

By nature, the day-to-day activities of management consultants are not repetitive, so this job is not for those who seek roles that have a predictable, daily, rhythmic cadence.  We constantly deal with uncertainty and variability, and we look for applicants who are not intimidated by the complexity and who welcome the challenge it brings. 


Before interviewing with Trindent, it’s important to evaluate if your approach aligns with our values.  Our recruitment process is designed to not only find top candidates in terms of experience and education but also the best values and culture fit.

We look for candidates who seek a challenge to tackle and a fast-paced environment to work in – and who understand the rewards and growth opportunities that can bring. 

If you are passionate about solving problems and find meaning in achieving results, then click here to find out more about our recruiting.