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Capturing Insights at the Front-Line

In every business the people who touch the product and interact with customers are a useful well of insight, but more often than not that insight is squandered. The information from these front-line employees is interrupted before it gets to where it needs to go. Managers end up making decisions and the IT/Engineering teams end… read more →

Discrepancy Remedy – Adjustment or Reconciliation?

When posed with the question, “What is Loss Control?”, one typically conjures visuals of various forms of metrology, including meters, gauges, instruments, intricate lab procedures, and complicated correction and compensation factors.   Is this not correct – to consider all of the mechanical and molecular intricacies as the components of a loss control function?  A journey… read more →

A Day in the Life of a Management Consultant

One of the reasons I love being a Management Consultant is that no two days are exactly the same. Some days I may be traveling, others are jammed with meetings, while others I may be in the Toronto office participating in training events. Follow along to learn about what a typical day on the road… read more →

The 4 Key Challenges to Standardization

Standardization is an important concept in lean methodology. It is the concept that everyone who processes the same thing should do it in the same best way. Read our latest insights to learn how to overcome the 4 challenges to standardization.

4 Guidelines to Effectively Measure Supplier Performance

Most successful organizations have inward focused metrics in place to measure key variables and monitor financial results. However, many fail to look outward to suppliers who play a critical role in an organization’s performance. Late deliveries, missing products, and quality issues from suppliers are just a few of many issues that can arise and have… read more →

The Importance of Building a Unified Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions

According to a recent report, M&A activity is expected to increase and gain momentum in 2016, especially in the energy and mining industries, for some strategic and advantageous consolidations. M&A activity can signal a great opportunity for companies. However, they have to be managed effectively. According to a Forbes article, more than half of M&A transactions… read more →

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