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The Cost of Outdated Processes

An outdated or inefficient process can have a greater impact on an organization than management realizes. Previous articles in this series looked at the challenge of identifying inefficient processes.  This article will discuss the impact on organizations if they don’t make the effort to root inefficiencies out and correct them. Increased Costs One of the… read more →

The Challenge Of Identifying Outdated Processes

In any organization, there is always a natural bias towards performing a task “the way it’s always been done”. This line is notorious in the consulting world and for good reason:  Status quo leads to a lack of awareness of inefficiencies, causing frustration for staff and a loss of profits for the corporation.  It can… read more →

Telling Your Company’s Story With Numbers

When solving problems, management consultants rely on facts; and their most trusted source for facts is numbers.  Numbers hold great power because they cannot be disputed.   In a consulting engagement, numbers are used at every step.  From reviewing a client’s baseline in order to identify business opportunities at the outset, to calculating savings from… read more →

Good Customer Service vs Average Handling Time

In Trindent’s financial services call center productivity engagements, we often work with clients who believe that call centres can’t pursue efficiency without negatively impacting the quality of customer service.    However, good customer service and efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  If addressed correctly, a call center can have both. Understanding Your Call Center… read more →

The Power Of Feedback

A common theme Trindent sees in our financial services engagements is time lost to excessive rework at the end of an application process cycle.  In an insurance organization, multiple hand-offs between departments occur as a regular part of the cycle, from the intake of new applications to the final issuing of a policy.  However, one… read more →

What Came First, The New Application or The Follow-Up?

As an insurance company leader, do you ever wonder if your new business department spends a disproportionate amount of time doing follow-ups on existing customer applications rather than focusing on processing new ones?  This imbalance is a common pain point Trindent Consulting has observed in their engagements with large insurance firms.  Client data shows us… read more →

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