Our Values

As a rapidly growing global management consulting firm, building a strong and positive culture is important.

Since each individual employee impacts corporate culture, we are looking for consultants that think and act in ways that are consistent with our values.

We Believe in Perfection with Urgency.

A consultant’s work is time-sensitive and at Trindent, we believe that any deliverable should be “client ready” at all times.
Attention to detail is critical and things need to be done efficiently and effectively the first time around.

We Believe in Character Before Skill.

First and foremost, we value our team members’ character and attitudes. It is a can-do attitude and positive outlook that allow our teams to thrive and overcome the most daunting of challenges.
Skills do not build relationships, the right mindset does. The relationships we build with our colleagues and our clients drive our overall success.

We Demonstrate a Passion for Solving Complex Problems.

We keep a fresh perspective every time we tackle a new problem because no two problems are exactly the same. Being passionate about solving complex problems allows our consultants to take stretch assignments in their stride and to continuously take on new challenges.

Our consultants are determined and hardworking individuals who live Trindent’s core values and deliver time and time again.

It is our character that allows us to build strong relationships with each other and with the members of our clients’ teams to effectively deliver the training and effectively guide the change management initiatives that are necessary for each project’s success.

The problems we tackle are complex and challenging; we do not provide clients with ready-made solutions. There is no clear road map from problem identification to solution generation on any project because each client is unique. This means our consultants are comfortable challenging the status quo and forging their own path.