Interview Process

Our recruitment process is designed to assess transferable, analytical and problem-solving skills, working style, relevant industry experience, and cultural fit. Here are the steps in our interview process.

Step 1 – Phone Interview

During the phone screen interview, we will assess general suitability for the role including; a resume review highlighting industry and/or process improvement expertise, familiarity with financial modeling and analytical tools, linguistic capabilities, career progression expectations, TN visa eligibility and your comfort level with domestic/international travel.

Step 2 – Case Interviews

There will be two case interviews which are held over the telephone and are designed to test dimensions of:

  • logic,
  • reasoning,
  • analytics,
  • creativity,
  • quantitative ability and
  • communication skills.

Each case focuses on one of our three industry verticals and our areas of functional expertise. Applicants should be prepared to receive information on a business scenario Trindent has faced in the past and feel comfortable working through a quantitative test where calculators are not permitted. Our cases are Interviewer-Lead and can take up to 60 minutes per case. Case interviews are conducted by consultants who will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions regarding the consulting lifestyle and the working culture at Trindent.

Step 3 – Excel & Data Analysis Test

The Excel & Data Analysis Test is designed to simulate “A Day in the Life of a Consultant”. You open your email on the first day of an Assessment and three emails are waiting for you with a range of data and an overview of the business problem Trindent’s client is facing. You are asked to perform an analysis and summarize your findings with the use of a visual to be presented to the client and are given 1.5 hours to do so. Through this test we will be able to evaluate your core excel skills as well as your critical thinking, problem-solving skills and your ability to practically apply your business knowledge.

You are not required to come into the office to take the Excel & Data Analysis Test rather you will take the test remotely using a screen sharing platform to manipulate the test on Trindent’s computer.

The vast majority of the work our consultants do and the tools they develop for clients are done and created in Excel. Some of the core tools and functionalities candidates should be comfortable with are pivot tables, V-lookups, conditional formatting, dashboards, data mining and analysis and the creation of graphs and charts. Being comfortable with Excel will ensure you are able to hit the ground running and succeed at Trindent.

Step 4 – Final Round “Fit” Interview

In the final round of the interview process, candidates will meet with one or more Principal(s) as well as a member of the HR team. During the interview, we are looking to ascertain:

  • Record of Achievement. Show us a pattern of consistent high performance where you have achieved outstanding results, handled obstacles well, and showed signs of entrepreneurship.
  • Talents. Tell us about your talents and points in your life where you have had glimpses of excellence. We believe that certain applicants are ‘wired’ for success as a consultant, and have a natural talent for what we do.
  • Communication. Ensure that when answering any of the questions you provide concise responses that directly answer the opening question. It is always a good idea to provide examples to showcase your experience and to present this information in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format. We are looking for confident, humble consultants whom we can envision ourselves working closely with over extended periods.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Explain how you have taken on leadership roles, seized opportunities, helped to build highly effective teams, and are sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other team members.
  • Fit with our Values. Understand our company values in advance by reviewing the website, and draw upon specific examples of how you’ve been able to demonstrate each of our values.
  • Career Aspirations. Show us why you believe you are a long-term fit with our organization based on your ability to work in an entrepreneurial setting and your passion for process improvement.