In their work, management consultants use their skills, knowledge, and expertise to enhance management and organizational performance by driving process improvements.  The changes they generate and implement bring value to a company through proactive and reactive improvement efforts that can help any organization course-correct its operations and obtain higher standards of performance and efficiency. 

What Is Healthcare Consulting?

Healthcare consulting is based on the same principles used in other areas of management consulting to help identify and implement improvements.  But healthcare is a complex industry and implementing change in these organizations is often more difficult than in other sectors.

There is an extra level of challenge for consultants in healthcare because it encompasses a wide area; from the smallest hospital operating rooms to the largest global medical manufacturing giants.  Healthcare consulting can mean you’re spending your days at the head office of a hearing aid manufacturer, observing a medical devices warehouse to find supply chain improvements, or donning scrubs in a hospital’s sterile environment to analyze turnaround times for surgical equipment.

The Need for Focus

To be successful in the healthcare industry, and to effectively tackle its unique complexities, consultants need to be highly specialized and have deep but focused expertise.  At Trindent, our focus falls on these three areas:

Medical Devices

This is a rapidly developing area of healthcare, one that’s increasingly facing the need for improved manufacturing and cost reductions to remain competitive while still adhering to strict industry standards.  In this sector, Trindent Consulting has helped clients with supply chain optimization, customer service improvements, and rapid procurement practice responses to eliminate unnecessary losses.


Facing financial constraints and healthcare reform, hospitals are constantly feeling the pressure to do more with less while still trying to improve patient care and safety.   This is often a difficult and overwhelming situation, but another area where Trindent has proven experience.  We work with hospitals to optimize their facility effectiveness so they can keep their focus on the wellbeing of their patients.


The complexities of this industry sector are no surprise.  With zero-error requirements, new sterilization regulations are putting a strain on the supply chain management efforts of many pharmaceutical companies.  Leaning on the experience of healthcare consultants like Trindent to help manage the ever-increasing intricacy of their supply chains allows pharmaceutical companies to improve their productivity and keep their operations running optimally. 

Unique Ability to Advance Healthcare

Within these three areas, healthcare consultants have the ability to help advance the industry forward.  Using management consulting services allows organizations in the healthcare industry to reach higher standards of performance and efficiency so they can continue to drive progress and innovation.   

Trindent specializes in assisting healthcare companies.  We understand that pricing pressures, healthcare reform, and complex routes to the ultimate point of care are creating unprecedented challenges for the industry, and we use our deep industry knowledge and experience to help you deliver meaningful and sustainable results.