Are you experiencing unnecessary losses that cut into your margins?

Refineries are extraordinarily complex businesses.  Very few consultancies have demonstrated a track record of success. Today’s economy provides a reason to drive new forms of value from your downstream operations.

Trindent focuses on improving your margins. We are uniquely equipped to improve your margins and help you achieve sustainable improvements by:

  • reducing mass balance loss
  • minimizing octane giveaway
  • reducing risk
  • managing and controlling costs

Our consultants roll up their sleeves to get the job done. We suit up and climb the tanks to assess performance and methods; we review with your accountants to gain an understanding of your production calculations , and visit your third-party logistics partners to ensure industry standard compliance.

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We have partnered with some of the world’s leading refining companies, providing them with the right solutions when facing complex challenges throughout the oil hydrocarbon value chain, focusing exclusively on:

• Hydrocarbon Loss Control and Measurement Assurance
• Maintenance Productivity and Reliability-Centered Maintenance
• Procurement Excellence

Our Hydrocarbon Loss Control Improvement approach is unique in this industry and has created considerable value for refineries and pipeline companies:

• Process and management system improvements to prevent significant gain/loss percentages
• Revise measurement procedures to comply 100% with standards (API, ASTM)
• Redesign of escalation and claims procedures
• Out-of-tolerance measurements reconciliation and settlement

In the maintenance services area, our consultants have enabled our clients to realize significant savings in operating costs:

• Logistics and parts management for front-line groups
• Process and management systems for front-line, back-office, and support areas
• Reduction in non-value added activities
• Design, prototype, and implementation of cost-effective and sustainable method changes
• Contractor management and administration