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The energy industry is facing a perfect storm of business challenges including declining prices, tougher regulatory environments, environmental compliance, and skilled labor shortages. Every variable has a direct impact on your bottom line. In this competitive climate, that is not good enough.

Energy companies are turning over every stone to improve their margins. This is where we can help. With deep industry knowledge, we understand your specific challenges, implement and deliver sustainable results. Most importantly, we Make It Happen™.

Whether you are in midstream, downstream, chemical or airlinesTrindent will help you widen your margins, minimize octane giveaway, and manage and control costs to achieve sustainable improvements. We are specialists at optimizing every aspect of volumetric or qualitative measurement.

Learn how we can enhance your margins without any capital expenditures or IT investments in the following key focus areas:


Trindent's guidance through the redesign of our Maintenance Department has given us the structure needed to grow our operations while reducing costs and improving equipment reliability.

– A Leading Land-Based Drilling Company

The first project reduced the volumetric losses on our pipeline, reduced octane and volatility giveaway in our gasoline blending program, and minimized our product downgrades with our pipeline batches. Not only was the initial project a success, our people have both sustained and improved the tools that Trindent helped us develop, which continues to improve over $18.5MM in lost revenue.

– A Multinational Refinery

Through these methods and work processes, we can effectively transform behaviours, ensure almost immediate acceptance, sustain the improved performance, and provide a platform from which the team can grow and even improve upon the initial results obtained.

– A Multinational Refinery